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5 Essential Drywall Tips

Posted by: Painting Xpress on #POSTDATETIME#
5 Essential Drywall Tips

Any great painting job starts with an equally great drywall finishing. If you do not take the necessary steps to properly spackle and sand, your new paint job is already on a path to failure and a need for a replacement. By keeping in mind these five tips in mind, great drywall is within your grasp!

1) Prepare the Drywall
It all starts with the drywall. The drywall must be tight against the walls studs or ceiling joists and your seams must be snug. 

2) The Right Tools for the Job
The Mud: Your drywall mud must be the right consistency. Sometimes you need to add a little water in order to achieve the desired consistency, with the end result looking similar to cake icing.
The Tape: Spackle alone won't do the trick. You should use drywall tape at any seam, including corners. Both paper tape or self-adhesive mesh tape work well.
The Putty Knife: Make sure you have putty knives of various lengths. This will allow you to have more flexibility when evening off the drywall mud.

3) Watch those Corners!
Corners can be difficult but don't make this common homeowner mistake! There's no need to add a  second coat to both sides of a corner at the same time. One is all you need. 

4) Don't Chase Perfection 
Don’t expect your spackle to lie perfectly. That’s where sanding comes in. As long as there are no craters or large globs of spackle, you will be fine. Get everything as smooth as you can and then smooth the rest when you start sanding.

5) Don't Be Afraid to Hire a Professional
Sometimes a drywall job can be too difficult or too time-consuming. That's ok! Your time and sanity are important. When in doubt be sure to give us a call, we'd love to help! 

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