Interior commercial painting projects require a truly professional painting company to handle the challenges of large scopes, critical deadlines, safety requirements and certifications, security concerns, and paperwork. We understand these challenges and have worked hard to become the best commercial repaint company in the area. With Painting Xpress, LLC on the a job, you’ll take comfort in knowing all the details are covered. Our commercial painting experience ranges from Multi-Family Units, Apartments, Hotels, Condos, Health Care Offices, Office Buildings, Restaurants, and even large chain Supermarkets. With our experience and unceasing determination to improve our team and processes, we can expertly handle your interior commercial painting projects. No problem.

Hiring a company with proper safety policies and equipment training is critical to having a successful project. At Painting Xpress, LLC, we adhere to strict safety policies in order to protect both our clients and our employees. All of our interior painters are fully trained.

At Painting Xpress, LLC we understand the importance of maintaining a schedule and completing your project in a timely manner. An inappropriate crew size on a commercial painting project can spell delays, inefficiencies, and poor quality. We can provide a large enough team to tackle any Northwest Indiana’s largest projects within your timeframe. We are also available to work nights, weekends, and holidays to get your project done with minimal disruption.

We know that inviting anyone into your business or housing complex is an act of trust and we take security concerns seriously. When hiring Painting Xpress, LLC, you won’t have to worry about who has access to your property. We are very careful to hire only the most experieced and with proven trustworthiness to work for us. You can trust the seriously great commercial painters of Painting Xpress, LLC.

And lastly, let us just say that the look of your building speaks volumes to your customers or potential clients. It may be a deciding factor in their doing business with you. Fresh and new colors also motivates employees to enjoy working harder in a building and office that they feel good and comfortable being in. It’s hard working in an office all day when you hate the color of it. Customers don’t want to shop in a store or eat in a restaurant where the paint is chipping off the walls in the doorway and the walls are all scuffed up from traffic; or where the drywall is damaged and nail holes all over the place and you don’t have enough pictures to cover them all up. Let us be your choice to paint your business and give your space new life. Call today at 219-576-7860.

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