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drywall repair and installation

Painting Xpress, LLC services all types of drywall jobs. We can handle new construction of many rooms, smaller repair jobs, as well as sheetrock repair projects. We can advise you on the thickness of drywall required (3/8 ,1/2 or 5/8 fire code) depending on what surface is being covered.

On exterior walls we would recommend a quality insulation (at least R-13 or higher) hung between studs prior to the hanging of any drywall. In bathrooms we would prefer that you use durock cement board rather green board. The cement board is completely water resistant and will not deteriorate like green board. Should water somehow get onto it (leaking pipes, cracked tiles or improperly grouted tiles) the durock cement board will remain a solid subsurface.

We can also handle the finishing aspect of your drywall job which many drywall contractors shy away from. This includes the taping of all seams and screws. The sanding down of joint compound which completes the process of preparing your new walls for primer and the paint or wall covering you may choose.

Painting Xpress, LLC is equipped to handle all of your drywall repair and project needs. Our drywall experts are among the best in Northwest Indiana. All of our clients in Crown Point, Merrillville, and Valparaiso, Indiana love the drywall work that we did for them. Let us help you with your project, whatever size the drywall job is… we've got you covered. Contact us today!

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